9 policy recommendations

While COPs are every year inaugurating a new phase of commitment on climate, the Ocean Climate Platform reminds the content of its advocacy in order for ocean and coastal zones related issues to be gradually taken into consideration via specific measures and included in the various axes of negotiation. 


Oceans are a major global climate regulator: they cover 71% of the surface of the Globe, they produce over 50% of the oxygen in the air we breathe, they absorb approximately 30% of the CO2 and 93% of the excess heat generated by human activity.

This appeal presents 9 tangible recommendations in favor of the ocean- keystone of the adaptation to climate change- because it is now urgent to fix this inconsistency change :

1.     Consider the importance of healthy and functional ecosystems to face climate change, by catalyzing the implementation of a consistent and resilient network of marine protected areas.

2.     Acknowledge the role of marine and coastal ecosystems as natural carbon wells (blue carbon). 

3.     Develop Marine Renewable Energy (wind-power, hydro-power, tidal-power and wave-power) while preserving marine biodiversity. 

4.     Guide maritime transport energy transition and develop innovative technological solutions for safer and more environmentally friendly vessels.

5.     Support in priority adaptation measures for the most vulnerable regions, including coastal zones in developing countries, territories and Small Island Developing States.

6.     Strengthen transfer of technology towards the most vulnerable coastal and oceanic states and regions. International cooperation must include marine ecosystems adaptation and protection projects. 

7.     Reinforce international scientific research on ocean and climate 

8.     Explicitly dedicate part of the Green Climate Fund to marine and coastal projects (protection of mangrove, wetlands and vulnerable areas with an extremely high CO2 storage capacity). 

9.     Improve consistency of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with existing ocean related agreements, including “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”.


The Ocean and Climate Platform appeal (full text) is available by clicking here.